Marvin Vigil

Hi, I'm Marvin Vigil


I'm a Web Designer from Los Angeles CA.
I built things that create experiences over the internet.

My interest is to create clean, modern and human-centered products that help people around the world.

My favorite technologies to achieve my goals are JavaScript, WordPress, Html, Css and Laravel.

When i'm not designing, I'm likely at the beach, skateboarding or walking my dog Bruno.

Featured Project

Dallien Realty

Dallien Realty is a real estate boutique based in New York City. I developed a complete CMS so that they can manage their customers payments, rentals and more.

Featured Project

Nuvana Nutrition

The company behind Amazon’s Choice Best Sleeping Aid needed to boost conversions on their website. The process started with a WordPress migration to a new redesign made on Shopify.

Featured Project

ZMR Capital

Looking for a real estate portfolio website. ZMR Capital needed help to turn its old website into a new, modern, and clean website to present to multiple investors. The design process created a new simple and intuitive website for their audience.

About Me

Hello! I’m Marvin and I enjoy creating things for the internet. I started in web development back in 2007 when Hi5 was famous and creating custom themes was a thing — I found out that centering a text inside a div taught me a lot about Css and Html!
I’ve had the privilege of working at a digital marketing agency,
a start-up, and nowadays I’m a Freelancer web designer. My main focus is to deliver quality products that help people with their lifestyles.
I like to create relationships with my clients and understand their needs.
Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently:

More Projects

Focused on gut health and general well-being, this supplement brand decided to rebuild its eCommerce website from scratch using third-party apps.

A new apartment complex needed a new website that went along with its needs. See how was integrated different third-party apps into this website.

An innovative BKB academy from Florida, 2 Hands stepped further with the creation of their website and online subscriptions for their variety of courses and leagues.
An authentic Greek restaurant and bakery in Long Beach, Pietris Bakery wanted to create a clean and modern website that matched their cuisine.
Dr. Mahyar Okhovat, MD, and his team of professionals at Okhovat Neurological Centers looked for an informative website for their patients.
Founded on the basics of providing a menu that brings people together, their new website included a third-party order app.
A pet-friendly club for furry friends and their humans, this eCommerce website included products and subscriptions.
The Mori family has been in the food industry for over 50 years and decided to build a website with an order online functionality.

A demolition contractors company  with an incredible succes in Los Angeles, the goal was to create a branded website with high conversion.

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The team at Dallien came to me with a clear understanding that their website was outdated and lacking the level of professionalism their clientele expects.

I designed a new mobile friendly website with a new CMS creation from scratch with a modern and clean front-end design.

Dallien’s website was created using Wordpress, Php, hooks and Js.

Nuvana Nutrition

Company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality supplements for different health issues.

Nuvana Nutrition was struggling with their website as the UX isn’t optimal and lacks information.

I created a completely new website from scratch with features and techniques to help client’s retention and gather clients.


A challenge that starts with the redesign a new website for ZMR Capital, focused in mobile-first design to display their property portfolio in an interactive way.

Their old, clunky site that utilized flash graphics, rendering it useless on Apple devices. Not only that, but their website was not responsive and thus scared off any mobile traffic that landing on it.

The site was built using WordPress and custom Js.